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Have you ever imagined how it would be to work in the company of your dreams and live the experience of your profession for a day? In Companhia de Estágios you can and it’s very easy.

Choose one of the companies participating in the Job Experience Program Day® and get a chance to spend a day getting to know how it is to work in your dream job! Alternatively, enjoy your school vacation in an awesome way and apply for Summer Internship!

How it works: You must register in Companhia de Estágios. Once companies open a opportunity for the Job Experience Day Program you will be notified, then you just need to confirm your participation. This way you will have a chance to spend a day in this company, learn their culture and see how it is work there.

If you are already registered,  you just need to keep your profile updated to receive our notifications. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our Youtube channel.


Business solutions that go beyond recruitment

The Companhia de Estágios | PPM Human Resources is a young company that offers solutions in recruitment, management and development of interns and trainees for the best companies in the world.

With the latest technology, reliability and agility, we offer incredible solutions with flawless results for your company. Meet some of our cases and see what we can do for your company. Let’s talk?

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