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Companhia de Estágios opportunities for young students

The Companhia de Estágios receives, daily, internships, trainee and young learners vacancies for high school, technical and college students from all across Brazil.

There are millions of companies from a variety of sectors looking for new talents, and the next one to be hired can be you. Get to know the internship programs that are open and register freely:

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New Jobs

Internship programs opened in 2022

Check the internship vacancies open for high school, technical and college students. Register in one that fits you best and start your professional career today.

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Vacation Internship

Find vacation internship opportunities and work for an entire month at the company you have always dreamed of getting to know. At the end of this experience you could receive an invitation to continue your internship or to even get accomplished.

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Trainee Programs

The trainee programs identify talents with high potential so that, after the development and learning process has occurred, they can occupy leadership positions at the best companies in Brazil.

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What are the advantages of registering in Companhia de Estágios?

We offer the best internship vacancies for students, young learners and trainees at the biggest and best companies across the country. We have vacancies in all areas for high school, technical and college students.

Besides that, we are responsible for all the selection process, from the advertising until the hiring moment. Therefore, we can guarantee you a dynamic and efficient process, both for companies and for the candidates who are applying.

And there is more! Did you know that almost half of the companies hiring through Companhia de Estágios are groundbreaking, rewarded companies? And that they are among the best places to work at or to start your career?

If you are the kind of person who is always searching for the best opportunities to start your career in the way you’ve always dreamed of, stop wasting time!

Sign up now, freely, on our website to be able to check on all internship vacancies for students and be the first one to receive, via SMS and email, the most wanted working market information about internship programs.

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And what if you could experience how it is to work in a company for an entire day?

Can you imagine getting to know the company of your dreams in person and live for a day the career you are looking to pursue? Now you can! How it works? Companies open their doors to receive each semester, in one or more days, students interested in learning about their culture, values ​​and challenges.

You apply when registration is open and if you are pre-selected you will have a day full of information and learning. This experience will allow you to discover new companies, get to know your area in practice and even better choose the companies where you want to work.

Interested? To know when it happens, you need to be registered with Companhia de Estágios and follow us on social networks (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube).

When registration is open, all you have to do is confirm your interest in the company and area you want to participate in and hope to be selected.

They take place twice a year, usually in April and September. Good luck!