About Companhia de Estágios

Who are we?

Since July 2006, Companhia de Estágios has been offering consultancy in hiring interns and trainees. In 10 years in the market, we have selected more than 12.000 interns for companies, helping them find the talents they needed and collaborating for the students to get the chance of growth and professional development.

We understand that the constant investment in people’s development is pressing. People are the most important factor of any organization. Therefore, recruiting, selecting, keeping, and developing talents must be part of the companies’ strategy.


Supplying the organizations’ needs in the development of internship and trainee programs, integrating companies and students for the growth and development of people.


Excellence and people valorization.


Attending to our clients’ needs with exceptional dedication.


Be a Human Resources consultant recognized by its quality and excellence in developing internship and trainee programs.

Your professional career starts in good company.

A single registration gives you the right to apply to any job and experience programs!