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What are the advantages of making a registration in the Companhia de Estágios?

We offer the best internship and trainee vacancies in the biggest and best companies in the country. We have positions in all areas for high school students, technical and higher.

Did you know that almost half of the companies that hire through the Companha de Estágios are awarded, recognized and innovative companies that are among the best companies to work and/or to start a career?

If you are looking the best job opportunity do not waste your time! Make your free registration now to view our vacancies and be the first one to receive informations about the most popular internship programs of the market via SMS and e-mail.

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What if you could experience how it is to work in a company for a whole day?

Have you ever imagined how it would be to work in the company of your dreams and live the experience of your profession for a day? Now you can.

How it works? Companies open the door to receive each semester, in one or more days, students interested about learning their culture, values and challenges. You apply when the inscriptions are open and if pre-selected, you will have an amazing day of professional information and learning.

To know what and when it happens you need to be registered in the Companhia de Estágio and follow us on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube). After you signed up, just confirm your interest in the company and area you want to participate when the registrations are open. They take place twice a year, usually in April and September. Good luck!

Your professional career starts in good company.

A single registration gives you the right to apply to any job and experience programs!