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How about finding a position that's perfect for you? Searching for internships positions but not sure where to start? We're here to help and bring you the best options to assist you in landing your dream position!

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How Does the Selection Process for Internship Positions Work?

The internship positions selection process can vary significantly depending on the company. However, generally, all recruitment begins with the submission of a resume.

In it, you include your personal information, technical skills, educational background, extracurricular courses, and experiences.

The Beginning!

Update Your Registration and Apply for an Internship Position.


Profile Screening and Tests: Some companies may ask you to take an online test if you meet the job requirements.


Interviews with the Companhia de Estágios Team Including Group Dynamics.

Business Panel

Final Selection in the Company, Where Candidates' Problem-Solving Skills Will Be Tested. This Stage May Vary in Each Selection Process, Depending on the Company and the Internship Position.


Feedback on your process and contract drafting in case of approval.

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Congratulations on the Start of Your New Journey!

Maximize Your Internship Experience and Follow Our Professional Guide to Receive Tips and Valuable Information!

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Frequently asked questions

Want to Know More About Internship Positions?

What Is an Internship?

An Internship is a Type of Employment that is Part of a Student's Academic Training During Their Undergraduate or Technical Course.

The Main Objective of the Internship is to Introduce the Student to the Job Market and Stimulate Practical Learning.

During the Internship, the Student is Supervised by a Professional in the Field. This Individual Plays a Crucial and Active Role in the Student's Development Throughout Their Path.

The internship is regulated by Law No. 11.788/2008, which defines rules for remuneration, duration, workload, requirements, rights, and duties of the intern. Every company that hires interns must follow the internship law, as well as integration agents and educational institutions.

How to Create a Resume for an Internship Position?

It is essential that you enter your personal information, technical skills, education, extracurricular courses, and experiences. In our Professional Guide, you can check out publications that will help you create an excellent resume, see this video!

What Is the Workload of an Intern?

As an Integral Part of Higher Education Courses, Most internship positions Have a Maximum of 30 Hours Per Week. This Allows Students to Balance Work and Studies. However, Some Specific Courses Allow for 40 Hours Per Week, Such as Agronomy, Production Operations, Among Others.

What Does the Companhia de Estágios Do?

We Are One of the Leading Internship, Trainee, and Apprentice Recruitment and Selection Consultancies in the Country. With Over 17 Years in the Market, We Strive to Ensure a Great Experience for Talents and Companies.

We Serve Over 300 Clients in Brazil and Latin America. We Open More Than 4,000 internship positions on Our Platform Annually.

Therefore, if you are looking for an internship, make your registration! Here, you will find the internship position that could be perfect for you and participate in the country's most important selection processes. From here, you will take the first steps to build your future.

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