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How about find a vacancy that has everything to be yours?

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Check out the internship and trainee opportunities

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Here you find the best vacancies, regardless of your professional stage.

Young Apprentice

Are you between 14 and 24 years old and want to enter the job market? The Young Apprentice program is made for you, even if you are no longer studying.

Internship Program

Are you studying? Come put the theories of your course into practice in an Internship Program that is right for you.

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Trainee Program

Want to accelerate your career growth? Join a Trainee Program to boost your professional climb.

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For companies

Do you want to recruit the best talents in the market?

So come with us! We are experts in entry selection processes and we will help you recruit, guide and manage those starting in Apprentice, Internship or Trainee programs.

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Platform for R&S for HR

Hire quickly and simply with Bluy

Find the ideal person for each vacancy with an agile, efficient, and organized Recruitment and Selection platform.

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