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Complete solution for your Young Apprentice Program

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Fulfill your quota of young apprentices

The Companhia de Estágios, through its Institute, offers a complete solution for those who want to hire a Young Apprentice, following all the criteria of the Learning Law (no. 10.097/2000).

We take care of the bureaucracies so you have time to focus on strategies.

Recruitment and selection of apprentices throughout the country

Complete management of the apprentices' payroll

Monitoring and reports for HR

Access to an exclusive platform to check the apprentices' information

Advantages of hiring a Young Apprentice with us

  • We have developed a special training program for the administrative and retail area, either in person or distance learning
  • Nationwide operation in 25 states, federal district, and in over 250 cities
  • Your company has two start dates per month for in person and distance learning courses
  • Everything is done in accordance with the Learning Law (No. 10,097/2000)
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National coverage: We operate in 25 states and the federal district

Programs in the administrative and retail area with a 6-hour/day schedule

Description 16 months 23 months
Theoretical working hours 400h 552h
Practical working hours 1.600h 2.208h
Total working hours 2.000h 2.760h
Intensive classes via study platform First 7 days First 10 days
Frequency of meetings throughout the rest of the program/contract 1 time a week 1 time a week
Frequency of weekly meetings via study platform Last 7 meetings Last 7 meetings
Days dedicated to practical activities Last 11 days of the program Last 22 days of the program

Our young apprentices have valuable experiences

Photos of the young apprentices at the Companhia de Estágios

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about young apprentices?

What is a young apprentice program?

The Young Apprentice Program is an initiative of the Brazilian government that aims to include young people between 14 and 24 years old in the labor market through a technical-professional training, combining theory with practice.

Regulated by Law No. 10,097/2000, this initiative aims to combat child labor, school dropout, unemployment, and even crime, providing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth and encouraging them to develop autonomy and citizenship.

The young apprentice can be hired by an organization for a maximum period of two years, as long as the activities are compatible with the professional training course, which must be free and offered by technical and agrotechnical schools, Sistema S institutions, or non-profit entities registered with the CMDCA (council for the rights of the child and adolescent of the municipality) where the entity operates.

What is the difference between a young apprentice and an internship?

The young apprentice is a type of hiring formalized by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT). In other words, it is a formal job.

Internships, on the other hand, are activities for high school, higher education, technical, or professional students that do not have an age limit and do not fall under CLT rules, as they have a specific Law governing this category (Law 11788/08).

While the Young Apprentice Program aims to integrate first-time professionals into the labor market, the Internship Program is a complement to the student's education, aiming for them to put into practice the learnings from their field of study. Therefore, the internship can be paid or unpaid, depending on the contract model (mandatory or not mandatory), and does not establish an employment bond.

How do I know if I have a quota to meet in my company?

The learning quota is based on a calculation basis that determines the minimum (5%) and maximum (15%) percentages of apprentices to be hired by a company (definitions of Article 429 of the CLT).

The Decree No. 9,579/2018 stipulates that the calculation base excludes roles requiring technical or higher education, managerial positions, trust positions, employees under temporary work regime, already hired apprentices, and workers on leave receiving INSS benefits.

After determining the calculation basis for the apprentice quota, the minimum and maximum percentages established by the CLT are applied to it, resulting in the number of apprentices that must be hired.

Therefore, to calculate the quota of apprentices, simply multiply the total number of employees (excluding specific roles and positions) by the maximum allowed percentage of apprentices (15%).


Access our manual and discover all the details about the Young Apprentice Law.

Young Apprentice E-Book

Our work goes far beyond. We are partners throughout the talents' journey in the companies.

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