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Terms of use

Terms of use of the website Terms of use of the website

This instrument (“Term or Terms of Use”) formalizes the rights and rules for using the website and covers:; and; and other subdomain sites linked to the group; And it is signed between CENTRO DE ESTÁGIOS PPM HUMAN RESOURCES LTDA., registered under CNPJ/MF number 08.029.517/0001-15 (“COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS”), and the individual or legal entity, called USER and COMPANY, respectively, for the use of the PLATFORM.

USER is understood to be Students/Candidates who enter or access information on the PLATFORM.

COMPANY is understood as a legal entity that enters or accesses information on the COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS Platform and other companies in the group.

  1. Platform Objective:
    1. Registration carried out by the USER and COMPANY is carried out through the electronic address on the PLATFORM: and its subdomains.
      1. The websites indicated in the qualification at the beginning of this Term may be changed without prior notice, always maintaining the respective domain, regardless of the change or naming of the website.
    2. The USER and the COMPANY are solely responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data and information entered in their registrations on the PLATFORM.
    3. THE INTERNSHIP COMPANY, in this way, makes it possible for the USER and COMPANY to combine vacancies and respective compatible candidates.
    4. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS undertakes to keep the registration and access data of USERS and COMPANIES confidential in accordance with the law, and the information entered by the USER in their CV will only be accessed by registered COMPANIES and that from that moment on the information contained in the CV, it is transferred to COMPANIES, which become responsible for the safekeeping and protection of the information extracted, with the INTERNSHIP COMPANY remaining responsible only for the safekeeping and protection of data that remains on the PLATFORM.
    5. It should be noted that in addition to the information in the CV, COMPANIES can request specific tests that, when completed by the USER, are made available to the COMPANY advertising the vacancy.
    6. The USER’s recruitment and selection criteria are based on characteristics exclusively related to essential skills for the vacancy position, these characteristics being defined by the COMPANY, never with discriminatory content in terms of race, religion, sexual orientation or any pejorative form or that violates legal guidelines.
    7. The USER has the right to request the complete deletion of their data from the website, which must be done via the channel and has a legal period of up to 15 (fifteen) business days, after receipt, to follow with exclusion.
  2. User
    1. The registered CV data can be accessed by client COMPANIES that search for CVs and/or advertise vacancies on the PLATFORM. The USER is therefore aware that when registering on the PLATFORM, the CV may even be accessed by his current employer and expressly agrees that the INTERNSHIP COMPANY cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any damages suffered by the USER resulting from the viewing of your CV on the PLATFORM by your current employer or third parties.
    2. THE INTERNSHIP COMPANY will provide technical support to the USER for using the PLATFORM.
    3. The USER may only use the PLATFORM if he or she is over 14 years old and fully agrees and complies with all established terms and conditions, and consent to this Term is given as follows:
      1. Knowledge of the minimum age for registration and this Website Terms established by COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS;
      2. Meeting the age requirement, by clicking on the “accept” button in the Terms of Use, the USER accepts the Terms;
      3. The effective use of the services offered by the PLATFORM, including the registration of personal data and the USER’s CV, will be considered as tacit acceptance of the Terms and conditions established here.
    4. The USER is aware that the information made available on the PLATFORM may be accessed by COMPANIES that are clients of COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS, with acceptance of the Term being the express agreement of the USER, which is one of the legal bases defined by the General Data Protection Law.
    5. The USER declares that, in the event of conduct that violates legal parameters, whether criminal or not, COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS may, in a proven manner, after knowledge of the facts and internal investigation, decide to exclude the USER from the USER’s registration, with no compensation or repair to the USER.
    6. The USER is aware that COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS may suspend the operation of the PLATFORM for maintenance or in cases of force majeure, regardless of prior notice.
    7. Conduct that violates legal parameters is understood as any act of a discriminatory nature in accordance with Law No. 7,716/89, civil damages, such as moral damages in accordance with the Civil Code, as well as acts that conflict with criminal prerogatives, such as, ideological falsehood and crimes against honor.
    8. Imputation of untrue conduct in an unproven manner that could cause damage to the image or reputation of COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS allows COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS to exclude the USER from their registration.
  3. Company:
    1. The COMPANY may register on the platform through a USER who has express authorization or not to carry out such action on behalf of the COMPANY. The COMPANY is solely responsible for authorizing or allowing access and registration of the PLATFORM on behalf of the COMPANY. And it must investigate any unauthorized registrations on behalf of the COMPANY.
    2. After creating the COMPANY profile and verification stage, the recruiting USER is able to open vacancies and manage the COMPANY profile under the criteria pre-defined by the COMPANY.
    3. When registering an opportunity, the USER declares that he or she has authorization and acts as a representative of the COMPANY, being responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the information entered and for any damage that may be caused, regardless of its nature.
    4. The COMPANY will pay for the contracted value of the services as agreed at the time of contracting the services.
    5. Cancellation of the service may be done subject to the fine penalties provided for in the commercial proposal and contracts signed at the time of contracting.
    6. When canceling the service, the COMPANY will have your access data blocked.
    7. The number of emails, SMS messages and messages sent by the COMPANY to the USER will be governed by the plan contracted at the time of formalizing the contract, and the COMPANY must be aware of the rules relating to the General Data Protection Law.
    8. THE INTERNSHIP COMPANY will provide technical support to the COMPANY for using the PLATFORM.
    9. THE COMPANY undertakes to use the PLATFORM in an ethical and correct manner, following current Laws and in good faith, being solely responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the information entered on the PLATFORM.
    10. THE COMPANY is aware that the INTERNSHIP COMPANY may suspend the operation of the PLATFORM for maintenance or in cases of force majeure, regardless of prior notice.
    11. The COMPANY may also have its registration suspended, blocked or deleted at the request of public authorities or as a result of legal order.
    12. The COMPANY is aware that any filter will not be accepted in relation to the USER that may generate discrimination based on race, color, ethnicity, religion or national origin as established by Law No. 7,716/89, without prejudice to other forms of discrimination that are not based on technical skills essential to the position.
    13. The COMPANY is aware that in the event of causing any of the discriminatory situations set out above and if the INTERNSHIP COMPANY is directly or indirectly linked to its conduct, the COMPANY will bear any legal costs, accusations or public redress through the company.
      1. Public repair is understood as retraction through social media or means where the damage caused to COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS originated.
  4. Content
    1. All content on the PLATFORM, posted by COMPANIES and USERS, such as: photos, videos, texts, drawings, prototypes, graphics, testimonials and others are called ‘’Content’’.
    2. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS reserves the right to remove any content from the platform at any time without prior notice.
    3. The USER agrees that the contents are protected by law and their improper or unauthorized use will result in consequences for the USER.
    4. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS is not obliged to remove content at USER requests if it understands that such content complies with the platform’s PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF USE and does not violate the provisions of the General Data Protection Law.
    5. The USER acknowledges that, when providing feedback and testimonials, these can be used by COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS and published on its PLATFORM and SOCIAL NETWORKS, with no claim regarding image rights or any other nature. Being aware that the aforementioned acceptance of the Term grants the right to COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS to use such testimonials or feedback, being used for research purposes, indicators and brand reputation.
  5. Login and Access Passwords:
    1. The USER is aware that their login and password are personal and cannot be transferred or shared with third parties. Please be aware that two-factor authentication is available, which is strongly recommended to increase the level of security in your access. You are also aware that, whenever you use the PLATFORM, you must log out of your session. Password recovery and website access can be done by following the steps described on the PLATFORM itself. The USER undertakes to use the platform on secure devices, with systems updated operational. The USER will be responsible for the legal consequences resulting from his negligence due to the loss or transfer of access data. With knowledge that COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS should in no way be cited, or sued judicially or extrajudicially without having proven cause, under penalty of payment of costs by the USER or COMPANY to COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS uses protective resources to the website and the USER’s access, and the USER must also be aware of their responsibilities.
  6. Selection Processes and Announced Vacancies: 
    1. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS provides solutions for COMPANIES to manage their selection processes, advertising vacancies, finding candidates and taking care of the selection process as a whole. THE INTERNSHIP COMPANY is not responsible for the selection process, unless it is contracted by the client COMPANY. Furthermore, the advertising COMPANY is responsible for the stages of the selection process, information and published content.
    2. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS is not responsible for guaranteeing interviews or hiring for USERS who register on the website.
    3. The USER agrees that, when registering, they accept the terms of use and from that moment on, SMS messages, instant messengers, emails and similar messages can be sent about open vacancies and selection processes that are in accordance with the profile registered on the PLATFORM, regardless of whether it applied to a specific vacancy or not, authorization and consent are expressed, serving as an instrument for what is permitted in the General Data Protection Law.
    4. The USER applying for vacancies, when selected, is selected according to criteria defined by the COMPANY.
  7. Tolerance
    1. The non-exercise, by either party, of their legal or contractual rights or prerogatives, will always constitute mere liberality, not constituting a precedent for future non-compliance, nor alteration or termination of contractual obligations assumed; It also does not characterize, under any circumstances, novation, transaction, compensation or remission.
  8. Right to Intellectual Property
    1. The USER acknowledges that all content (in written, spoken, image or sound form) inserted voluntarily and free of charge and displayed on the COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS PLATFORM, whether from COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS itself or from PARTNER COMPANIES, are protected by the Law that regulates copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights.
    2. The USER undertakes not to use such content without prior and express knowledge of COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS or COMPANIES under penalty of civil and criminal liability for violations committed.
  9. Payment System:
    1. It is carried out by IUGU Serviços NA INTERNET S/A (“Iugu”), a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ under nº 15.111.975/0001-64, with headquarters in the state and city of São Paulo, Rua Augusta, nº 1,598, conj. 32, Consolação – CEP 01304-001, which provides COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS with the integrated payment system, indicated in this Terms of Use as (“Payment System”), used only for charges from COMPANIES.
    2. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS will request information regarding the COMPANY’s financial data to test the free period of 30 (thirty) days, as well as to contract the services offered, information regarding sensitive data is not stored with COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS, as the Internship System Payment responsible for the treatment.
    3. In the event that the PLATFORM is tested for a period of 30 (thirty) days by the COMPANY, it is necessary to select at least one payment method before being able to enjoy the free use period.
    4. From the company panel, the COMPANY will be able to select one of the available plans, enter the payment method, confirm and start the free 30 (thirty) day period.
    5. The Payment System accepts three forms of payment: credit card, bank slip or both methods (credit card and bank slip). If the COMPANY selects the joint modality, the Payment System will attempt to charge using the credit card details provided. If the charge fails, the USER will receive an invoice sent by the Payment System to their email to carry out the financial transaction.
    6. It is possible to request a refund by contacting COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS support. The refund of the amount is carried out by the Payment System itself.
    7. As mentioned above, the Payment System used is Iugu. We do not store any sensitive information about the credit cards registered by the customer (such as number, expiration date, holder’s name and CVV). All data is sent to the Payment System and remains there. We only store information necessary to track these payment methods (e.g. the ID in the Payment System).
    8. The level of security we have is closely associated with the level of security of our provider. It is worth noting that the Payment System used is a renowned platform, with several famous clients and a well-established security policy. It can be accessed in full at:
    9. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS establishes the right to change the Payment System used by COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS, at its sole discretion and at any time, whether or not notifying the USER in advance about any modification, and must always look for providers who are in accordance with the current legislation.
  10. General Provisions: 
    1. COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS reserves the right to update the Terms of Use at any time, without prior notice, which will be displayed for reading and acceptance when the USER or COMPANY accesses the PLATFORM.
    2. This Term, as well as the use of the PLATFORM and the activities of COMPANHIA DE ESTÁGIOS, are governed by Brazilian legislation.
    3. COMPANY, USER and INTERNSHIP COMPANY elect the Court of the District of the Capital of the State of São Paulo to resolve any conflicts, always opting for communication and peaceful resolution.

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