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Integration agent

We connect candidates, companies, and educational institutions

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As an integration agent, we bridge the gap from advertising internship positions to contract management.

  • Identification and promotion of internship opportunities, connecting candidates, companies, and educational institutions.

  • Recruitment and selection process of candidates with behavioral tests.

  • Monitoring of talents in partnership with the companies' HR

  • Management of the flow of filling out the internship report by the students

  • Management of internship contracts in compliance with all requirements of the Internship Law No. 11,788/2008.

You can count with us. Always.

We have been in the market for over 17 years and are one of the country's leading integration agents, offering solutions for the recruitment and selection of interns, trainees, and young apprentices with streamlined and human processes that make all the difference.

Shall we build a partnership together? Our team is ready to be your integration agent. So, get in touch with us!

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Our work goes far beyond. We are partners throughout the talents' journey in the companies.

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about what a integration agent is? This is the place!

What is an integration agent?

An integration agent is an organization that connects candidates, companies, and educational institutions. It is responsible for providing job openings, structuring selective processes, managing talents in partnership with HR, and offering support in managing contracts and internship programs.

What are the responsibilities of an integration agent?

An integration agent has many responsibilities. According to the Internship Law, No. 11,788/2008, it is their role to assist in the enhancement of the internship process, identifying opportunities, and adjusting the conditions of implementation.

In addition, it must do the administrative monitoring, register the students and the companies offering entry positions, and ensure the hiring of personal accident insurance - a mandatory requirement by law for the internship.

Therefore, this type of organization should work in partnership with the company's HR, to ensure that the internship program follows all legal requirements and guarantee the best experience for candidates in the admission, training, and stay process in the company.

In supervised internship programs, it is also necessary to ensure that the intern is assisted by a professional throughout the contract, as the purpose of this type of work is educational, focusing on developing new professionals for the market.

What are the services offered by the integration agent?

Among the duties of an integration agent is the management of internship contracts. When hiring this service, it is their responsibility to draft the internship contract according to the requirements of the Internship Law, send it, and ensure it is signed by all involved parties - that is, the student, the company, and the educational institution.

Another very common service is the structuring of the entire recruitment and selection process of candidates, with the aid of behavioral tests and focus on the candidate's ability.

The agent is also responsible for the flow of filling out the internship report by the interns. This document is required by educational institutions and showcases the activities performed during the internship contract.

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